New Site

July 29th 2015, 8:00:00 pm

Hello! This is my first blog post. I've been rolling with the same old site for the last couple of years but recently decided it was best to take a new approach. The previous site was a static single page with some summaries of selected programming work and a form. I wanted to simplify the design, put more focus on content, and write more about myself.

New Content

The blog will consist of different types of content that I pull from experiences in my various interests. Here's my plan:

  • Programming: tutorials, work, open source projects, opinion, vim, workflow
  • Music: compositions, discoveries, shows, gear talk
  • Cycling: touring and racing photo blogs, gear talk
  • Other: huge realizations, vacations, college, life events, random DIY, books

New Design

I designed this site in a couple of days. Most of the design time was spent perfecting the typography to the best of my ability (without spending money). I took some inspiration from Medium - a fairly large paragraph font size, font smoothing, big headings.

The header is an interactive Voronoi diagram using Paper.js. I achieved this by modifying one of the examples on the Paper.js website. I plan on changing this to something I build from scratch, but for now it's just something fairly unique.

New Workflow

For the developers out there, this is a generated static site hosted on Github Pages. I'm not using any major project like Jekyll, Hexo, or Middleman. I opted to build my own generator using the streaming build tool Gulp. I now have a well-automated, highly customizable setup that'll probably be here for a while. To find out more about the technical details or view the source, take a look at the repository here: andrewsuzuki/ I'm planning on moving the generator out into its own repository sometime soon.