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I am a full-stack web developer. To me, this means I can craft both the front and back end of websites and web apps. I can do anything from making small changes to business websites to custom web apps. This includes:

Specifically, these are the technologies I am most familiar with:


If you're a developer, you might want to take a look at my Github account: @andrewsuzuki



Nourish is a web and mobile app for UConn students to manage their dining experiences. It periodically scrapes UConn's dining hall pages and allows the data to be searched or saved by users. Students can be notified when their favorite foods are on the menu in any dining hall.

It consists of a Node-powered web API, an AngularJS front end, and a mobile app powered by Apache Cordova, Ionic, and AngularJS.

Western Mass IAEI


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This is an example of my ability to take a designer's mockup and turn it into a functioning Wordpress site. Site content is easily changed through the Wordpress backend.

Additionally, the layout is responsive. This means its structure changes depending on the browser window size for a better experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

This website is an example of my own design abilities, with inspiration from The focus is placed on the easy-reading textual content.

This is a static site, generated by a custom Gulp workflow. You can learn more about the technicalities here.



Vessel is an open source CMS (content management system) I developed in 2014. It has a clean, simple interface. It was built using the Laravel framework (PHP) and Twitter Bootstrap.

Check it out on Github: andrewsuzuki/vessel